OnePlus 5G: Learn how expensive a 5G smartphone will be with OnePlus 6T

Written by : Ashwin Singh
Published On : 20 Nov 2018 | 08:15

To buy the OnePlus 5G smartphone that launches next year, you have to pay more than the existing 6T. Know what may be the price of this new phone.

OnePlus, China's smart phone maker, recently announced that it will launch its first 5G smartphone next year. Meanwhile, a new information related to its price has emerged. According to reports, the first 5G phones of OnePlus priced at $ 650 (about Rs 46,444)

Will go. This means it will be more expensive than the latest smartphone OnePlus 6T of the company. So if you are planning to buy this 5G phone next year then get ready to pay more than $ 100 (about Rs 7,145) more.

Now you should be thinking that what will be the special price in this phone, which will cost more due to this. Let's say that the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8150 processor will be used in the 5G smartphone with the Snapdragon X50 cellular modem.

OnePlus 5G phone is one of the smartphones launched next year, which will be offered with the 5G touch. The company did its testing in August this year. It is worth noting that companies like Huawei, HMD Global and Xiaomi, besides OnePlus, are also planning to launch their 5G phones next year.

For the last time, it was discussed that the company's upcoming handset i.e. OnePlus 7 could be a smartphone that would support 5G, but according to a report by CNET Spain, it is not so. According to this report, Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus will definitely bring a 5G touch in its new smartphone, but the smartphone will have a new series of smartphones through this smartphone.