Those who spread false news on WhatsApp will come, this feature will be launched soon.

Written by : Ashwin Singh
Published : On 09 July 2018 | 01:45 PM IST

Very soon the verdict of those who share fake news on WhatsApp is going to come. Whatsapp is currently working on a feature that can restrict bogus news to a great extent. Right now, it is in beta version on the testing mode. Significantly, the incidents of spreading fake news through WhatsApp in India have raised concern

The company named it Suspicious Link Detection. This will allow users to identify any fake links sent. With this, Whatsapp will also issue a warning for this message. This feature of Whatsapp has been launched on the 2.18.204 Beta version. It is believed that sometime after launching the beta version, the company will offer this feature to other users. This will help users identify spam and fraud links.

Such work will do this feature
When you send or receive links to the website on WhatsApp, the app will check the background of the website's link and alert the user if something suspicious appears. A report in WaBetaInfo states, "When WhatsAppSet detects a suspicious link, the message is marked with a red label." The red label will indicate whether it is either spam or a phishing link or is redirecting to a fake news website.

This feature will also be launched soon
The company is going to launch another feature soon, in which the deleted media i.e. photos and videos can be downloaded again. Right now, it is available on beta version. According to Android Police, if you delete any media file from your gallery or file explorer, then this feature can be helpful for you. But keep in mind that if you delete any photo or video from your whitespace, then it can not be recovered. At the moment, it is not clear whether this feature will be rolled out later.

How will Feature Work?
Users will have to go to Whatsapp chat to download the media again.
There will also be a blurry thumbnail and a download button on whatever file is deleted.
The media file will be downloaded again by tapping on this button.