Xiaomi Launches Its Smallest Speaker, Learn More Features and Prices

Written by : Ashwin Singh
Published : On 30 March 2018 | 12:38 PM

Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi has registered its strong presence in the smartphone, television and speaker markets. The company providing luxurious features at cheap prices has created a distinct identity among the users. In such a way, Xiaomi has launched its Mi-AI speaker at an event held in Shanghai, China. The company entered the market in the smart speaker market last year. Let's know what this new device of Xiaomi is and how it will be worth it.


The device is so small that it can be easily placed on the palm.
The speaker comes in a small, full metal casing.
I have been given a built-in microphone in AI speaker.
On top of the speaker there is a navigation button on top. With this help you can activate Play, Poiss, Forward and a Microphone.
The device can also be used as a reminder.
The device gives users access to 3.5 million books and songs.
Will serve as a digital personal assistant equipped with Artificial Intelligence at Voice Command


The price of Xiaomi Mi-AI speaker has been fixed at around Rs 1,800. There is no information yet when the speaker will be available in the international market.

Will compete with them

Xiaomi Mi-Ai speaker will compete with Google Home Mini, Apple Home pod and Amazon Eco Dot.