Written by : Ashwin Singh
Published : On 22 March 2018 | 08:08 PM IST

This is digital generation and the internet has become a need of a human being. In the developmental countries like India, all the people from cities to villages are making use of the internet in full swing. After 3G, 4G technology, people expect their Internet to work fast, but many times people also get annoyed with the SLOW INTERNET service. Most people in India run the internet in ANDROID phones. Sometimes there is a problem in running the Internet and no one likes to slow down the Internet. In such a situation, you can take some measure without blaming the Internet, so that your internet can run smoothly without any interruption.

First of all, download "CLEAN MASTER" in your phone, which will increase Internet speed by clearing all JUNK files. Also install "DU SPEED BUSTER" in your SMARTPHONE. This will clear your phone's RAM and stop some unnecessary applications from running. This will speed up the speed of your Android smartphone and the Internet.

Check Network Settings
If your internet connection runs steadily, then you need to check your phone's internet settings. Go to your phone's settings and select Mobile Network Settings. After that check in which mode your internet connection is in. If it is in 3G mode, then select it in LTE, WDCMA, GSM (AUTO MODE). Keep in mind that your phone is not just in 3G mode. After that go out of Senting and switch off your phone and then turn it on. Now your internet will start running at a faster pace. We process this process through three simple steps:

Settings-> Mobile Network Settings-> LTE, WDCMA, GSM (AUTO MODE) -> Exit Settings -> Switch the phone off -> Switch the phone back on again.

Fast Web Browser
The fast web browser also needs to be installed in the smartphone to run fast Internet. If you run the internet with a fast speed browser, then its speed will also be good and it will be able to run smoothly. Nowadays there are two web browsers that work all over the world at high speed.
1. Opera Mini (OPERA MINI)

Installing any of these internet browsers will allow your internet to run faster. Keep in mind that in these ways your internet will not run with 5G speed but the speed of the existing internet will improve