These are 4 software options in Microsoft Office, Learn why

Written by : Ashwin Singh
Published : On 25 March 2018 | 08:44 PM IST

MicroSoft is not just an app or software, but it has become our need in the present time. With the help of MicroSoft, you prepare your presentation in minutes. With the help of MicroSoft, you can easily convey any strategy, thought or information to any person through photo, video or text. It will not be wrong to say that MicroSoft is the first choice of users, but if you have to use any other software or app other than MicroSoft, then who will be your first choice? Before you think we are going to tell you about the 4 options of MicroSoft, which can come as you like.


The latest version of FreeOffice has been launched in the year 2016. The software supports DOC, DOX, XLS, XLSX, PPT and PPT file formats. The look of the software reminds me of MicroSoftWord Its tool bars are similar to those of the Office suite.

Google’s G Suite/Google Apps

Google's online suite does not need any introduction. This is a great option in software using cloud server. If you are well-acquainted with Google Drive, then you may like this software very much. The software supports PDF, DOC file, and even iWork files. You will not be worried about any kind of data loss in the software.

WPS Office

WPS comes with the Office Writer, Presentation and Spreadsheet. It is easy to use soft wires. In many ways it seems like the Microsoft Office. With the help of software you can easily work on multiple documents. Its app version is available for free in iOS and Android users.


There are many great tools in the software. iWork is quite user-friendly, while working on it you will not be afraid of data loss. You can also import your micro-soft documents on iWork.