If your phone is hanging, then with these easy ways you can resolve the issues

Written by : Ashwin Singh
Published : On 23 March 2018 | 11:13 AM IST

Smartphone today needs everyone. The people are fully dependent on this. From shopping, banking to ticket booking, work can be done comfortably on a smartphone. But just imagine if your smartphone hangs out, then perhaps you will not be able to do any job easily. In such a situation, you become upset. But if you want your phone to not be slow in any way, then make the change in your phone fast.

Software Updates
Keep updating your smartphone software from time to time. Sometimes the reason for hanging the phone can be the old software too. You also get notifications from companies for this.

Close background applications
Some applications are always running in the background. First off the applications running in the background. Phone Smooth will start running.

Make the unused application out
Every application takes space in the phone's memory (RAM). So delete the applications which have less use, and try to have the least number of applications in the smartphone.

Uninstall unnecessary app
There are many Google apps in Android phones that many people do not need. Dismiss those of whom do not need them, or disable them in settings.

Store Phone Data on Memory card
Any file that is a video, save the photo or audio file only in the memory card. Keeping all this in the internal memory also causes hang problems.

Do not Fill Memory Card
You can also keep the memory card of the capacities of your smartphone. Keep in mind that they will never complete it. Keep about 15 to 20% of the total storage empty.

Home screen must be empty
Many people keep a lot of app on the home screen of the phone, while doing so gets the phone overwhelming. Always keep the home screen blank.